Taxpayers To Pay For MIGRANTS’ COLLEGE Education Now?

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams proposes paying for illegal migrants to attend college at the expense of taxpayers, who will foot the bill that could cost up to $1.2 million just in the first year alone.

According to a New York Post report, Adams’ plan would pay for 12 months of classes for up to 100 migrants, including room and board, and could go on indefinitely. Oversight of the program will be conducted by the Office of Asylum Seeker Operations, a new position created by Adams to help deal with the city’s massive inundation of migrants, who are still arriving regularly.

The program’s total cost to taxpayers is not yet released, but based on the cost of two full semesters at SUNY Sullivan, it is likely to tally up to at least $1.2 for the first year, covering school supplies, food, and dorms.

The chair of the House Republican Conference, Rep. Elise Stefanik, accused the mayor of turning New York State into “a permanent welfare system for illegal immigrants.”

It’s not a secret that about 50,000 migrants have entered the city over the last year, many of them bused over from Texas, and that it’s been putting a strain on the city’s resources after the pandemic lockdowns brought NYC to its knees. There are multiple shelters for migrants set up across the city in various hotels as well as the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Adams recently announced his new blueprint to begin trying to resettle migrants outside of NYC into other states they may prefer.

The NYC mayor also joined Biden’s national advisory board for the president’s planned reelection campaign, which led many to speculate he may soften his push for federal assistance in the migrant crisis. Adams said joining Biden’s team won’t stop him from advocating for federal support.

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