Ron DeSantis CLOSES THE GAP – Big Changes Reported!

( – A new poll shows that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seems to be closing the gap between himself and former President Donald Trump as the favored potential Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

The new poll by NBC shows that DeSantis’ numbers are improving as most Americans seem to want neither Trump nor current President Joe Biden to run for the White House in 2024.

Although Trump came out on top for the GOP nomination according to the survey, the margin was much smaller than shown in a poll by Yahoo News earlier this month. The NBC survey shows that 46% of Republican primary voters still favor Trump as their first pick and 31% chose DeSantis, who still hasn’t announced his candidacy but is expected to soon.

The Yahoo News poll from last month had Trump ahead of DeSantis by 57% to 31% among conservative voters, showing a drop in Trump’s favorability.

The NBC poll also indicated that many Americans don’t seem to like the idea of Biden running again either, who – like DeSantis – has yet to announce his campaign but is expected to. About 70% of Americans who answered the survey said they didn’t want Biden to run again, including over half of the registered Democrats surveyed. Almost half of those against the idea of Biden being re-elected cited the president’s age as a factor. Biden is currently 80 years old.

60% of those surveyed also said Trump shouldn’t run, including about a third of registered Republicans.

Republican Bill McIntuff of Public Opinion Strategies, who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research, said that it’s clear “people do not want a Biden-Trump rematch.”

Only 41% of the 1,000 adults surveyed think Biden’s doing a good job as president, while 54% disapprove. He’s also still a bit more popular than Trump, with 38% having a positive view of Biden and 48% negative, compared to 34% positive for Trump and 53% negative.

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