Rioters SWARM – On The 50th Anniversary!

( – Pro-choice and pro-abortion activists gathered in cities across the United States to demand the protection of what they commonly refer to as “reproductive rights” and to mark the 50th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision that was overturned last year.

States have become divided on this issue ever since Roe v. Wade was reversed last June, with some states restricting or banning abortion and others have made it more easily available. Opponents of abortion were defeated in states like Michigan, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Kansas, with state courts blocking the banning of the procedure. Democratic states have been protecting patients and doctors from lawsuits issued in states where abortion is banned, and have also been taking in people fleeing from such states in order to have the procedure.

The Women’s March, which began in 2017 after the inauguration of Former President Donald Trump, is refocusing its efforts on the issue of abortion at the state level ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned, while activists who oppose abortion have been pushing for a federal abortion ban or restriction nation-wide.

On Sunday, marches were organized across the country, with the primary event taking place in Wisconsin in the wake of their upcoming elections that would determine the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s future decisions on the issue.

Vice President Kamala Harris made an appearance at the protest in Tallahassee, Florida, where she gave a speech on abortion. In her address to the crowd, Harris questioned whether we can “truly be free” if women cannot make the decision to have an abortion, likening restrictions on the procedure to an “attack” on the “very foundations of freedom.”

Thousands gathered in Madison, Wisconsin, with many protesters bussing across state lines into the Wisconsin capital from other cities. Abortions are banned in the state of Wisconsin unless carried out to save a patient’s life. The 1849 law is currently being challenged in court. Counter-protesters also showed up and held up signs raising religious objections to abortion.

The issue of abortion is perhaps the most contentious one in America, and now that Roe v. Wade is no longer in effect and the ball has been placed in each state’s court, the lines dividing the two sides have become more apparent than ever.

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