Reinstatement ORDERED – He’s Back Again!

( – State Rep. Justin Pearson has been reinstated to the Tennessee State House. He was expelled, along with fellow Democrat Rep. Justin Jones, after the pair allied with protestors who laid siege to the Chamber to demand stronger gun control laws. A meeting of the Shelby County Commission voted to reinstate Pearson as the row descended into accusations of racism. Both Pearson and Jones are black. 

The expulsions led to a nationwide uproar and were condemned by Washington’s Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). A statement from CBC said, “The targeted expulsions of Rep. Justin Jones and Rep. Justin Pearson – two Black duly elected members representing minority districts – makes clear that racism is alive and well in Tennessee.”

The protests took place at the House following the deadly attack on a Christian school by a former pupil who identified as a “trans man.” Audrey Hale broke into the school and murdered three children and three staff members. 

Protestors descended upon the House days later demanding gun control, and three House members led their chants on the Chamber floor. Jones, Pearson, and Rep. Gloria Johnson were stripped of their committee roles, although Johnson, who is white, survived calls for expulsion.

Rep. Jones had already been reinstated by the Nashville Metropolitan Council. 

President Biden condemned the expulsions, while Vice President Kamala Harris – who did not travel to Nashville following the murders at the Christian school – speedily arranged a trip to Tennessee to support the ejected Representatives. 

Members of the Shelby County Commission openly applauded Mr. Pearson for his actions in the House. Commissioner Henri E. Brooks said, “Representative Pearson, I am so glad, I’m so happy. I’m glad that you took up the fight and you stood your ground.” Hundreds of protestors accompanied Pearson to the meeting venue. 

Special elections will take place in the coming months and Pearson and Jones have indicated that they intend to stand. They will serve on an interim basis until then.

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