Polls: Trump Leads in Michigan, Tied in Pennsylvania

(ConservativeSense.com) – New CNN polls show that Donald Trump has a handsome lead over Joe Biden in Michigan, and the two White House contenders are tied in Pennsylvania. Both states voted for Biden in 2020 and for Trump in 2016, and analysts say the poll results are a crucial indicator of the country’s electoral plans for 2024. The survey, conducted between March 13 and 16, placed Trump and Biden at 46% each in Pennsylvania. In Michigan, the former President leads by 50% to 42%.

In the Keystone State, however, Biden leads among people of color, women, independents, and college graduates. The two candidates are even among voters aged under 35. In the Great Lakes State, Trump and Biden are polling equally among women, with Trump ahead among younger voters and independents. Biden remains more popular with the state’s black electorate.

Asked if they would change their minds before November, 46% of Michigan voters said it was unlikely and were happy with their choice. In Pennsylvania, 47% said the same. Among independents, 45% in Michigan said they were persuadable by either side, with 41% of young voters concurring. In Pennsylvania, 32% of independents and 34% of under 35s say they could be persuaded to have a change of heart.

Additionally, a high percentage of voters believe Donald Trump is more likely to change America than Biden. Only 22% think President Biden will take the United States in a new direction, whereas 57% think Trump will bring significant change.

Polls and surveys throughout March show a repeating pattern, with few exceptions. For example, a study by The Hill sees the two candidates at 50% each, and The Economist sees Biden ahead by 44% to 43%. Nevertheless, in almost every other poll, Trump dominates. In two polls for The Hill, conducted by Emerson College, Trump is in front by 43% to 40% when independent Robert F. Kennedy is included. When Mr. Kennedy is omitted, Trump’s lead is 52% to Biden’s 48%.

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