Planet Fitness Member Booted From Gym Over Trans Issue

( – After taking a photo of a trans-identified man in a women’s locker room, a woman in Alaska was banned from Planet Fitness gyms, which she said sparked her “mission” to defend women’s right to safety in female-only spaces.

In an interview with Newsmax’s “National Report,” Patricia Silva told her story that led up to a confrontation that went viral online immediately. The viral video showed Silva confronting a man in the women’s locker room and telling him to leave.

Silva said when she first saw the man shaving in the locker room, she “counted to 10” to calm herself and then walked out. As she was leaving, Silva said she saw “a young girl” in the corner wrapped in a towel who “appeared to be very terrified.” This prompted Silva to turn around and confront the man.

Silva pointed out to the man that he was male and needed to leave, after which he argued with her and said he could stay because he was “transitioning.” She then walked to the locker room exit and stood at the open door so “everybody in the building” could hear her announce that a man was in the women’s locker room and that she was not okay with it. Silva then went outside and recorded a video message about what happened, which quickly went viral, along with a photograph she took of the man while he was shaving.

Instead of assistance from Planet Fitness, Silva was punished and had her membership revoked after the company saw the video and picture, accusing her of violating its policies.

The punishment backfired on the company, which has lost over $400 million since the controversy went viral, with stocks plummeting and many Americans canceling their memberships. The backlash triggered a massive public outcry and boycotts.

Silva told Newsmax that although the man might not have been a “perpetrator” of any harm, he is still a male and should not be in a women’s locker room. She also said one of her friends told her the man returned the following day and had a staff member of Planet Fitness in the locker room with him for protection.

The incident inspired Silva to make it her mission to resist trans-identified males in female spaces. She also blamed President Joe Biden and his administration for opening “the floodgates” and allowing such policies to stand.

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