Nikki Haley Drops MAJOR ALLEGATION Against Joe Biden!

( – After a preliminary announcement on Tuesday via Twitter, Nikki Haley formally announced her bid for the White House in 2024 on Wednesday, during which she took aim at the Biden administration for a supposed lack of leadership.

During a campaign event in Charleston, the former South Carlina Governor and former UN Ambassador addressed a crowd of supporters and suggested that the United States is now weaker because of Biden administration policies.

Haley told her supporters the country “is falling behind,” that “our future is slipping,” and “leaders are failing us,” and then stated that Joe Biden “embodies that failure.” She said the POTUS is “not leading at all” and then warned about threats from foreign nations like China, Russia, and Iran.

Haley blamed Biden for the death of U.S. troops in Afghanistan following a full retreat of military forces last year, after which the Taliban immediately took over. She then mentioned Iran being “on the brink of getting the [nuclear] bomb,” that North Korea is “launching more missiles than ever,” and that Russia kicked off “the biggest war in Europe in 75 years.”

Haley also mentioned China, which she labeled as America’s “strongest and most disciplined enemy” in our history, and criticized the administration’s handling of the Chinese spy balloon earlier this month.

Although it’s expected that Biden will be running again in 2024, he has yet to officially announce his campaign, and some are suspicious that the recent classified documents scandal was an attempt by Democrats to push him out for more prospective candidates.

It’s also unclear how much of a chance Haley will stand against Trump for the Republican nomination, especially if she ends up competing with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who many are expecting to run for president as well, and who’s substantially more popular among conservatives. DeSantis was asked on Tuesday about Haley’s campaign announcement and whether or not he would follow suit, to which DeSantis replied “wouldn’t you like to know” and then laughed.

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