Nancy Mace Rips George Stephanopoulos Over Tense Interview

( – Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina blasted ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos after he questioned her about supporting former President Donald Trump despite being an outspoken rape victim.

Mace appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, March 10, for an interview that began with the network airing a clip from 2019 in which Mace talks about her struggles after speaking out about her past assault. Stephanopoulos then questioned her about her endorsement of Trump after he was found liable for defamation and sexual abuse at the conclusion of a lawsuit by author E. Jean Carroll.

Mace responded angrily and told the anchor that she would not stand being asked a question she felt was “meant to shame” her regarding “another potential rape victim.” Stephanopoulos then proceeded to press her to answer the question and denied that he was attempting to humiliate her, which is what Mace argued he was trying to do.

The congresswoman insisted that the anchor’s question was “disgusting” and offended her, accusing Stephanopoulos of questioning her “political choices” because she was raped. Mace then went on in the intense exchange to note that the judgment against the former president wasn’t in a criminal case by a civil one. She then pointed out that Carroll made jokes about going on a spending spree with her judgment award, claiming that the author made it more difficult for other women to speak out by making “a mockery of it.”

Mace maintained that she endorsed the man she believes is best for the country, adding that it’s not President Joe Biden.

Stephanopoulos then questioned Mace about the Capitol riots on Jan. 6, 2021, and showed a clip of previous comments the congresswoman made in which she said the former president shouldn’t hold office again and should instead face accountability. He asked her why she changed her mind. Mace said that she “listened” to her voters in her home state of South Carolina and said that they have “moved beyond” the events of Jan 6.

Mace went on to lay out the issues her voters are focused on, such as the border crisis under Biden. Stephanopoulos concluded the interview by saying Mace made it clear that she’s “comfortable” with the ruling against Trump and his actions on Jan 6, to which Mace replied that he was putting words in her mouth.

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