GOP Moves In For The KILL – Corruption Won’t Go UNCHECKED

( – Republicans are pushing back against the decision by the IRS to remove the team who launched a probe into the tax returns of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

GOP lawmakers are accusing the IRS of participating in a cover-up by dismissing the entire team probing Hunter’s taxes, accusing them of trying to conceal financial crimes, and retaliating against a whistleblower who recently came forward from inside the IRS accusing his colleagues of hiding these crimes.

The orders to dismiss the same were given by the Department of Justice, according to a letter on Monday from the attorneys of the whistleblower.

After the whistleblower came forward to present his findings to Congress, House Republican Chairwoman Elise Stefanik of New York said the IRS is participating with the Biden administration in covering up the illegal financial activities of the first son. Stefanik posted a tweet on Tuesday demanding “accountability.”Although the anonymous whistleblower did not directly

name Hunter as the person whose activities are being covered up, a source from Congress confirmed he is the subject of the probe.

Kentucky Republican James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, also criticized the decision and accused the Biden administration and the IRS of abuse of power. Comer vowed to “thoroughly investigate” the matter and to hold any officials trying to cover up Hunter’s crimes accountable.

Daniel Werfel, the commissioner for the IRS, initially told Congress there would be “no retaliation” against any whistleblowers.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin acknowledged the letter by the attorneys on Tuesday to the Finance Committee during a separate hearing, bringing up a former IRS official who he questioned. The former official, John Fort, stated he’s never seen “an entire investigatory team” removed from a case in his 30 years at the agency.

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