Dozens of Casualties Reported at US-Mexico Border

( – According to emergency officials, multiple dozens of illegal immigrants were injured over the last week attempting to climb over the 30-foot wall along the southern border and required medical assistance.

Over the period of a week, 26 people attempting to enter the US illegally by climbing the US-Mexico border wall had to be treated for injuries, according to Jim Desmond, the San Diego County District 5 Supervisor in California. Desmond said the climbers were trying to “cut to the front of the line” rather than going through the legal process of entering the US.

At least ten illegal aliens required medical treatment on Saturday, March 9, after being rescued by San Diego Fire-Rescue crews. Eight of them were hospitalized after falling from the 30-foot wall.

Desmond told Fox News on Sunday, March 10, that over 16 days, over 11,000 immigrants were “dropped off at the Iris Avenue station,” and that around 108,000 have been dropped off in San Diego County since September. In a post on Twitter, he shared a clip from an interview with independent journalist Nick Shirley, and called the situation at the border “unsustainable.”

The influx of immigration, especially by illegal entry, saw a massive surge in 2023, with a record-breaking 250,000 encounters at the border in December, many of whom are families as well as unaccompanied minors. Although most of the activity is occurring at the border sectors in Texas and Arizona, California is now also experiencing a surge.

Demond argues that the spike calls for reforming the current immigration system, which he said isn’t fit to handle the current level of encounters. He called the current process “inhumane” and believes people should be able to immigrate “with dignity,” “pride,” and “their heads held high” rather than crawling under, over, or through a fence, including being “thrown over” or dropped only to end up in US hospitals.

On Twitter, Desmond also said those who cut the line and enter illegally put those who try to go through the process legally “at the back of the line.”

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