DeSantis Investigates Woke Agenda in Florida

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has mandated that all universities in the state file a report on how much they spend on critical race theory (CRT) and diversity. A letter from the Governor, published by his Press Secretary Bryan Griffin, required all higher education institutions to complete a questionnaire about how many programs, staff, and activities are related to inclusion, diversity, equity, and CRT, and how much these cost.

In his inauguration speech at the start of 2023, DeSantis once again took aim at “woke” culture and said “Florida is where woke comes to die.”

In April 2022, the Sunshine State Governor banned the teaching of CRT in schools. The controversial theory purports that all white people are racist and all non-white people are oppressed. It also maintains that America is a “structurally racist” country. It has been shoehorned in to a variety of classes and lessons in schools, even math.

De Santis said in April, “We are not going to categorize you based on your race. We are not gonna tell some kindergartener that they’re an oppressor based on their race and what may have happened 100 or 200 years ago.”

The Florida Education Department has prohibited the use of books in schools that they say are used to indoctrinate children in to this extreme-Left viewpoint. The Stop WOKE Act barred the use of 54 textbooks across the state school system. These include books used to teach math. In one example, pupils were asked to work “with models that measure bias” and “build proficiency with social awareness.”

DeSantis’ anti-woke agenda is proving to be hugely popular in Florida. He was elected to his second term as Governor in November with almost 60% of the vote. He is widely believed to be a White House contender as a voice for Americans growing tired of an aggressive left-wing agenda.

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