DeSantis Fires Back Against Proposed Gas Stove Ban by Biden Agency

( – All over social media, everyone is talking about gas stoves. Ever since a commissioner of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) told Bloomberg that the agency was considering banning the appliances, a wave of backlash erupted online immediately, as well as a plethora of memes. According to Richard Trumka Jr., gas stoves are a “hidden hazard” that can release harmful pollutants into the air, causing harm to people and pets. In the interview, he said any “products that can’t be made safe are up for ban.”

One detractor to the proposal was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who commented on the manner during a speech he gave on Thursday. “You’re not taking our gas stoves away from us,” the governor said, and that he would “stand up” for the personal choice of any people who cook with gas stoves. Jumping on the meme bandwagon, Team DeSantis also launched a brand new product: a yellow apron parodying the famous Gadsden flag stating “DON’T TREAD ON FLORIDA” below a picture of a gas oven (a comical idea for merchandise).

Trumka’s statements caused an uproar, with many voicing their opposition to the proposal on Twitter. Shortly after on Monday, Trumka walked his comments back, Tweeting that the CPSC won’t be “coming for anyone’s gas stoves.”

The White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also said at a Wednesday press briefing that the president “does not support banning gas stoves” and reiterated Trumka’s clarifying statement that the CPSC (an independent organization) is also “not banning gas stoves.”

Despite all of this, DeSantis still suggests that Biden’s administration would certainly try to eliminate gas stoves “if they could get away with it.” Although he has not yet announced a campaign to run, DeSantis remains a top candidate choice by many for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, potentially rivaling Donald Trump.

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