Cruz Says The Government Watchdogs Are Going Woke

( – Texas Senator Ted Cruz has accused government watchdogs of excessive “wokeness.” Senator Cruz says the Inspectors Generals, which oversee government departments, are pushing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and illegally consider race a factor in their hiring processes.

The Texan wrote to Mark Greenblatt, chairman of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE), to point out that the organization’s role is to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse in federal agencies, but it had lost its way and is focusing instead on advancing the Biden administration’s DEI policies. “Such policies not only spread racial division and hatred but are illegal,” Cruz wrote.

The DEI inclusion across government departments is Biden administration policy, and the President issued an executive order in that regard during his first year in office. In June 2021, he stated that the federal government, as America’s largest employer, must set standards and ensure it “cultivates a workforce from the full diversity of the nation.”

In his letter, however, Cruz said DEI is unconstitutional, particularly in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Students for Fair Admission v Harvard. This case prompted outrage when it ended “affirmative action” college programs.

Regarding CIGIE’s internal practices, Mr. Cruz pointed to its quarterly reports that categorize staff members and record hiring and promotion by race.

Republicans regularly criticize growing DEI initiatives across the government. Agencies such as the IRS have been found to include DEI in their training programs. For example, in February, media reports noted that internal revenue investigators had attended lessons teaching the philosophy of a radical transgender activist who previously called for the “death of whiteness.”

The training program, revealed by Judicial Watch, was mandatory and opened with comments from Dafina Lazarus Stewart, who chairs a University of Denver department and wrote a paper entitled “Dead Honky’ — Against The Technologies of (White) Violence.”

The IRS asked agents to consider every culture in their work and explained that the “dominant culture degrades subordinate cultures.”

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