U.S. Governor Tells Citizens DON’T MOVE – It’s Getting Serious

(ConservativeSense.com) – Utah Governor Spencer Cox has told Californians planning to move to his state to stay home. He was speaking to reporters after the National Governors Association met with the President at the White House. “This last Census confirmed that Utah was the fastest-growing state over the past ten years. So, our biggest problems are more growth-related. We would love for people to stay in California rather than coming as refugees to Utah,” he said.

The Governor went on to add that Utah’s population is growing so quickly, it has problems meeting housing demands. He wants no more people to move there, he made clear.

California is experiencing a mass exodus as around 370,000 more people per year leave the state than arrive. Its population is dropping at such a rate that it has lost a seat in Congress. The cause of the exodus is likely attributable to the cost of living, crime, and some of the highest taxes in the US. 

The Golden State has both the largest income tax rate and sales tax rate in the nation. Gasoline tax runs at around 68 cents per gallon, and the cost of electricity is 80% higher than the national average. The left-wing politicians who run the state have turned it into a test lab for green energy initiatives – most of which fail. California is experiencing increasing power failures and residents are warned to keep the use of electrical appliances to a minimum. They are urged to buy electric cars and then told not to charge them. As so often with leftist idealism, the theory clashes with reality and people pay the price.

Crime is so bad that residents of San Bernardino have voted to examine the possibility of forming a new state, citing crime as a primary reason. Some have labeled it the most dangerous city in the state, with violent crime up by almost 32% between 2017 and 2022.

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