Caitlyn Jenner Backs N.Y. County’s Ban on Transgenders in Female Sports

( – Caitlyn Jenner is throwing support behind a recent order by a New York official to ban girls’ and women’s sports teams from using facilities owned by the county if those teams have players who are transgender.

The Olympic gold medalist who helped pave the way for “transgenderism” appeared with Bruce Blakeman, the Nassau County Executive, and other elected officials in Mineola to support the county’s order to ban trans athletes from competing alongside and against women. The ban will apply to more than 100 athletic facilities in the Long Island suburbs.

Jenner said it would “ruin women’s sports” and have lasting repercussions to allow trans athletes to compete, and that those who oppose the practice should “stop it now” while they can.

Jenner, who was born William Bruce Jenner and became known as Bruce Jenner as an athlete, became Kaitlyn Jenner in 2015. The move was widely controversial at the time, as Jenner was one of the first public figures to “transition.” Jenner has since become a prominent voice in the Republican Party, smashing stereotypes about LGBTQ people.

A local Long Island advocacy group, The LGBT Network, called the former Olympian’s remarks a “baffling contradiction” as someone who is transgender, and that the comments are “not only hypocritical” but “harmful” to other LGBTQ people. The group’s president, David Kilmnick, said that Jenner’s actions “amplify” intolerant voices and “detract from the collective efforts” to make society “more inclusive.”

The executive order was issued last month by Blakeman, who is a Republican and was elected as Nassau County Executive in 2021. It will require any organizations, teams, or leagues seeking permits from parks and recreation to “expressly designate” which players are male or female. Teams that are designated as “female” teams would not be permitted to use county facilities if that team allows male athletes who identify as transgender to participate. The bill doesn’t apply to male teams with female athletes who identify as transgender.

Earlier this month, New York Attorney General Letitia James sent a cease-and-desist letter to Blakeman, arguing his ban is not only “transphobic” but “discriminatory” and “illegal.” Blakeman filed a lawsuit in return to block her efforts.

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