Border Patrol Chief Suggests Terrorists May Be Among Migrants

( – Chief of the US Border Patrol Jason Owens issued a warning this week that some of the immigrants crossing the southern border are potential national security threats.

On Sunday, March 24, Owens made an appearance on CBS and told “Face the Nation” that some of the illegal aliens crossing the border are a “national security threat” that should not be taken lightly. Owens told CBS that cartel smugglers are dictating what the flow of illegal immigrants looks like and that Border Patrol “respond to it.”

The Border Patrol Chief said they “try and get out in front” of the smugglers by blocking their ability to use areas along the border, but added that “at the end of the day,” there’s still “over 1,900 miles” of shared border with Mexico.

Since President Joe Biden took office, an estimated 8.5 million encounters have occurred at the border, and then there are those crossing over illegally with the intent of avoiding Border Patrol detection. These are typically called “got-aways,” and some estimates are up to 1.7 million throughout Biden’s time in the White House, bringing the total estimate of new arrivals somewhere around 10 million by the end of 2023.

About $1.5 million encounters have occurred in fiscal year 2024 so far, and Democrats continue to cloak the masses under such rhetoric as “asylum seekers,” a title which Owens frets leaves room for exploitation by terrorists. He noted that although the number of encounters for FY 2024 “is a large number,” it’s the roughly “140,000 known got-aways” that keep him up at night. Owens said those numbers are not included in “the official count,” and that the true number is actually higher because those are just the ones that are known about.

The Border Patrol Chief concluded that those “got-aways” pose a potential national security threat and that if the US doesn’t know who is entering the country or what their intentions are, it’s a threat and those people are “exploiting a vulnerability” at the border.

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