Biden Is Lying About The Economy

( – While on the campaign trail this week in New Hampshire, President Joe Biden bragged about the state of the economy during his first term in the White House and his efforts to lower costs for Americans, but the facts indicate that consumer prices have risen by almost 18% and employment isn’t faring too well.

On Monday, March 11, the same day Biden spoke in New Hampshire, Republican Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona appeared on Newsmax and said the president is lying about the state of the economy because it’s not as great as Biden says it is.

Biggs said Biden won’t tell the whole truth, noting the recent State of the Union speech by the president in which he bragged about the economy. The congressman then pointed out that the very same day Biden delivered his speech, the federal government published a study showing that February saw “the highest number of layoffs in 15 years.”

The report Biggs was referencing was published on Thursday, March 7, by Challenger, Gray & Christmas and found that 84,638 jobs were cut by employers based in the US in February, marking a 9% from the numbers recorded this time last year. It was also the most layoffs in February since February 2009 (not too long after the 2007-2008 financial crisis): a whopping 186,350 layoffs.

Biggs said the economy is “not going the right direction” for Biden, noting that he’s paying more for gas right now than he was at the same time last year. The lawmaker then complained about the price of food, which he said every American feels. Biggs said voters will not buy into “gaslighting” from the president, who he said doesn’t get it, and that he doesn’t believe Biden’s “handlers get it” either.

Ultimately, the congressman said the two main issues in the country right now leading up to the presidential election in November are the southern border and the economy, which he said Biden is “failing terribly” on both fronts.

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