Biden Goes On “RETREAT” – As Health Disaster Spreads!

( – President Joe Biden still hasn’t paid a visit to East Palestine, Ohio, which continues to struggle after the train derailment and toxic chemical spill that occurred last month. Instead, Biden set off on Wednesday to attend a retreat for House Democrats in Charm City, Maryland, not too far from Washington, D.C.

Biden traveled to the retreat in order to deliver an address to the House Democrats in attendance. The White House did not respond to Fox News Digital, which asked when the president plans on traveling to East Palestine in order to survey the situation.

While Biden avoids the disaster zone, Donald Trump is receiving praise for stepping in to help the small town of roughly 5,000 inhabitants while Biden was off visiting Ukraine to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy last week.

The former president traveled to East Palestine and met with residents impacted by the disaster as well as Mayor Trent Conaway, stating that the community doesn’t need “excuses” but “answers and results,” which they have not seen from the Biden administration.

The day after Trump’s visit, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg finally paid a visit to survey the situation after facing widespread criticism for not showing up sooner. On Tuesday, Florida Rep. Michael Waltz and several other House Republicans introduced a resolution demanding Buttigieg resign from his Cabinet position as Transportation Secretary.

The resolution condemns Buttigieg for failing “to mitigate or effectively respond to multiple national crises” claiming that his “ineptitude” put “the safety and prosperity of the American people” at risk.

According to a White House official speaking with Punchbowl News, Biden plans on discussing “how to keep bringing jobs back to America at an historic rate” during his address to the House Democrats in Maryland, as well as keeping “lower costs like prescription drugs and energy” and cutting the deficit by higher taxes on “rich special interests.” Biden will also “reiterate his promise to release his budget” to the public while calling on Republicans to follow suit.

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