Biden Demands White House Audience ‘Clap’ For His Speech

( – President Biden asked his audience to clap during his St. Patrick’s Day remarks. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar joined the President at the White House to mark Ireland’s national day and to celebrate the Irish contribution to America. The President noted that the US and Ireland marked 100 years of diplomacy this year and praised growing Irish investment in the American marketplace.

“Ireland now is one of the top ten investors in the United States economy,” he said. When speaking of Ukraine, and Ireland’s opposition to the ongoing war with Russia, Biden asked his audience to applaud his description of the conflict as “Russia’s brutal war of aggression.”

During a subsequent press conference with Mr. Varadkar, reporters asked the President about Senate leader Chuck Schumer’s recent observations about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Schumer’s insistence that Mr. Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Biden told journalists that he would not elaborate on Schumer’s words but that he expressed concerns shared by many Americans. The Republican National Committee (RNC) tweeted a clip of the exchange and wrote that the President’s “handlers” quickly removed reporters from the room after that question was asked.

Mr. Netanyahu responded to Schumer’s remarks during an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash and said it is “inappropriate” for one democracy to undermine the elected officials of another. He said it is up to Israelis, and only Israelis, to determine who should lead their nation. “We’re not a banana republic,” he said.

The Israeli leader went on to state that his people support his policies and the nation’s war against Hamas. Therefore, if Schumer opposes those, he opposes the will of his country’s people.

Analysts say the exchange marks a disintegration in relations between the US and Israel, and Schumer’s speech, calling for a new government in Israel, was the strongest denouncement of Israeli leadership since the conflict with Hamas broke out last October.

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