White People Are NOT ELIGIBLE For This Program!

(ConservativeSense.com) – An initiative by Blue Cross Blue Shield to increase access to healthy food within companies automatically excludes organizations led by white CEOs. The plan is to award up to 10 companies with grants of $300,000 to improve access to healthy food, but organizations will only be eligible for the grant if they have the correct racial makeup.

In a webinar published on February 3rd, the Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina Foundation made the purpose of the scheme clear. “So, this opportunity is specifically designed to support community-rooted organizations that are led by, serving, and accountable to American Indian, black, Latino, other people of color, and members of immigrant communities to increase their ability to engage in advocacy, to address the root causes of inequitable access to healthy food,” the webinar’s host stated.  

Further criteria for eligibility include that the CEO of the group must not be white, the community served by the group must not be white, and the staff and board must not be white. Blue Cross Blue Shield justifies their racial segregation by stating that race is a reason that some people cannot access good food, therefore race must be a prominent element of the solution. She said the aim is to advance “food equity.” 

The concept of “equity” has begun to replace equality in neo-Marxist linguistics. The notion is that all whites are oppressors of all blacks, regardless of their individual status. Whites are inherently powerful, the Marxists believe, and therefore action must be taken to reduce that power, including advancing the destruction of institutions built by whites, such as police forces and the criminal justice system. The belief has both reached the White House and is operating from there.

When society re-opened following the 2020 pandemic, the President launched his American Rescue Plan. In it, he prioritized blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, or anyone who isn’t white. Some white people filed lawsuits which got some of the racist initiatives shut down.

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