New AI Laws Met With A Shocking Political Trend!

( – A new poll released by Fox News shows that Republican voters are much less convinced than Democrat voters that the government must regulate artificial intelligence (AI) systems and are also more skeptical about whether the federal government is even capable of doing so.

The recent poll administered to registered voters demonstrated a division between the two sides when questioned about whether or not to regulate AI systems and how it can be done, signifying that the issue, which is already changing society, may become another dividing line between the parties. 

Participants were asked how important it is for AI to be regulated by the federal government. 71% of the Republican respondents answered “very” or “somewhat” important compared to Democrats who came in at 82%. These numbers aren’t particularly shocking, as Republicans tend to favor less government intervention is most areas, but it shows many in the GOP still want to see some regulations on AI.

The split could also be seen between supporters of Biden and Trump, with 82% of those who voted for Biden in favor of federal regulation on AI while only 70% of Trump supporters favor it.

The split widened between parties when they were asked about their level of confidence in the government to “properly regulate” AI systems, with half of Democrats answering “a great deal” or “some” while Republicans came in at 31%. This gap widened even more when examining the difference between Biden and Trump voters when answering this question, which was 51% compared to 28%.

The subject of AI is becoming a hot-button issue. Recently, an open letter signed by 1,000 tech leaders, including Elon Musk, called for a temporary pause on developing the technology until a plan to regulate the systems and keep them in check can be put into place.

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