Lawmakers STAND For Police – Do Something Very Bold For Them!

( – Ahead of National Police Week, a couple of House Republicans are announcing a new resolution supporting law enforcement and opposing the political and activist movement calling for the defunding of police.

The new resolution is being introduced by GOP Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs and Colorado Rep. Ken Buck which will express support of law enforcement by the House and formally condemn all efforts to “defund or dismantle” local police agencies.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Buck said after the riots in 2020 following the death of George Floyd, police have been universally demonized across the country and “mercilessly attacked” simply for doing a necessary job for the safety of society. Buck blamed the dismantling and defunding of local departments across the nation on “leftist activists” as well as “progressive politicians,” which he called “shameful.”

Biggs mentioned the rise in crime in cities across the country and praised local police departments as “heroes” who are “the only ones” willing to put themselves in danger in order to maintain order and public safety. Biggs urged all Americans to support police “now more than ever.”

After George Floyd, police demoralization spiked and departments around the U.S. have seen declining numbers in recruits and increasing numbers of retirement. On top of crime rates, those serving in law enforcement work under the looming possibility that some altercation could lead to a viral video that will result in mob mentality condemnation.

There are still disputes about whether or not Derek Chauvin, the cop convicted of murdering Floyd, received a fair trial when factoring in widespread media condemnation, mass protests organized by Black Lives Matter, and even threats against jury members. Police in every state saw this spectacle play out and in the back of their minds realized they could end up in a similar situation.

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