“DEAD To Me!” – Top Singer Threatens Voters!

(ConservativeSense.com) – The singer of an alternative rock group stopped mid-concert to condemn Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Hayley Williams of the rock band Paramore was headlining a festival in New Jersey when she announced to the crowd that she was not scared to express a political viewpoint on stage. She continued, “If you vote for Ron DeSantis, you’re f***ing dead to me.”

The Floridian Governor has been under fire since he signed the Parental Rights in Education Act last year. The legislation prevents young children from being exposed to adult content and does not allow educators to speak to young kids about radical ideas, including gender identity. Since DeSantis signed the measure, he has been attacked by leftists, news outlets, and celebrities who mischaracterized the legislation.

Some went as far as to tell audiences that DeSantis had banned the use of the word “gay” in the Sunshine State, and does not acknowledge the existence of gay people. For example, on Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost falsely told viewers, “The law actually means that you can’t acknowledge that gay exists at all.” CNN’s Don Lemon whispered the word “gay” on his show, while Jimmy Kimmel told viewers to “obey the law, don’t say gay when you’re in Florida.”

Governor DeSantis officially launched his campaign for the White House on May 24th with a live-streamed conversation on Twitter with Elon Musk. A host of technical problems marred the launch and it started almost half an hour late. He was ridiculed for this on social media, but his fortunes had already begun to fall.

Republican front-runner and former President Donald Trump has attacked DeSantis for months and said he sees the Governor’s run for the Oval Office as a personal betrayal. Amid a slew of legal battles and controversies, Trump’s popularity has soared – mainly at the expense of Ron DeSantis. In a poll immediately after Trump’s town hall interview with CNN, 61% supported the former President, while DeSantis had dropped to just 18%.

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