Chamber of Commerce Calls for More Immigration

( – The CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce has called for more immigration, despite its impact on American workers. Suzanne Clark delivered her annual speech in Washington, DC, where she criticized the government for making legal immigration too difficult. She said the current immigration system was causing a shortage of workers that will have a permanent detrimental impact on the economy.

It is not the first time that the CEO asked for more immigration. Last year, she said the US needed to double the number of immigrants coming here and provide amnesty to those who arrive illegally. While figures as high as 4 million new immigrants per year would boost the consumer market, it would also keep wages and conditions low for American workers, as research has shown. Between 1979 and 2013, wage growth for 90% of Americans grew by only 15%, while it was almost 140% higher for the top 1%.

Clark has also advocated for more foreign trade deals, many of which would be likely to move jobs off-shore. According to the Economic Policy Institute, US free trade with China has led to the loss of millions of American jobs. “Growing trade deficits with China are the largest single cause of growing manufacturing trade deficits and job losses. Between 2001, when China entered the World Trade Organization (WTO), and 2018, growing US-China trade deficits eliminated 3.7 million total US jobs, including 2.8 million jobs lost in manufacturing alone,” the Institute said. Its report by Robert E. Scott states that trade deficits have decimated American manufacturing.

The Chamber’s priorities are reminiscent of globalist one-world ideas. Globalism seeks to bring down nation-states, partly via mass migration, and open up the world’s markets and trade, disallowing any protection by governments of their own economies or their own people’s jobs.

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