California Governor Finally Takes Swing At Drug Dealers!

( – California Governor Gavin Newsom is increasing the state’s fight against Fentanyl by deploying the California National Guard and California Highway Patrol to assist police. Officers from both organizations were sent to San Francisco to reinforce law enforcement there as a state of emergency is underway.  

The Mayor of San Francisco declared an emergency in 2021, and the situation continues to deteriorate on the streets of the liberal city. Mayor London Breed, who previously pledged to defund the police in favor of Black Lives Matter, was forced to acknowledge the terrible state of the center of the city. Crime is rife in the Tenderloin district at the heart of San Francisco, where shoplifting and open drug use is widespread.  

Despite emergency declarations and promises to end the drug use and homelessness scourge, there has been little improvement. Mayor Breed asked for federal assistance as the city deteriorated. In an extraordinary U-turn, Breed complained that the city’s police department was short-staffed and needed a funding injection.  

California Highway Patrol, usually charged with dealing with traffic offenses, will now provide backup to police in dealing with drug smuggling. Officers will also assist San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) in “detecting, deterring, and preventing drug and alcohol-related crimes in the city.”  

A statement from Newsom’s office also details the ongoing role of the California National Guard. Officers from this department will be responsible for analyzing drug trafficking operations and will aim to disrupt and dismantle “Fentanyl rings.” 

The latest move signals yet another about-turn by California’s Democratic leaders. When Newsom came to office, he removed the National Guard from the state’s Mexican border, and when Trump was elected to the White House, he wasted no time declaring the Golden State a sanctuary for immigrants. He later complained the state could take no more migration.  

Mayor Breed pledged to distribute law enforcement funds to black organizations, now she wants more money from Washington, DC, to help enforce the law.  

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