Authorities Discover “NOTE” While Searching Apartment!

( – According to court documents, more weapons and a suicide note were recovered from the home of Audrey Hale, the trans-identifying shooter who killed six people at a Christian private school last month in Nashville, Tennessee.

After the shooting on March 27, Metro Nashville police searched the home of the 28-year-old shooter who shared the residence with her parents. They recovered journals, cell phones, laptops, firearms, and a suicide note.

The day before these revelations were shared, police revealed that Hale left behind writings indicating she was planning the attack for months and considering “the actions of other mass murderers.” These documents were found in her car parked outside the school as well as in her bedroom, and the Metro Nashville Police Department stated on Monday that they revealed Hale was “planning over a period of months to commit mass murder at the Covenant School.”

Police also recovered a manifesto, which has not yet been released to the public, as well as maps of the school. The manifesto is still being reviewed by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit to try and understand Hale’s motive. Some believe it may be best not to release the manifesto at all, fearing it could inspire others to emulate Hale’s actions.

Hale used three weapons during the attack, but four more were recovered during the search of her home. After the attack, her parents told reporters that they didn’t approve of firearms and were under the impression their daughter had sold the weapons.

Hale killed three 9-year-old students and three staff members: a substitute teacher, the headmaster, and a custodian whose funeral was held on Tuesday. The mass shooting shocked the nation, with both Democrats and Republicans quickly rallying to use the tragic incident to bolster their political positions on firearms legislation or transgender ideology.

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