Kevin McCarthy Vows To SHUT DOWN Controversial Legislation!

( – Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy stated on Tuesday that they are done with passing massive “omnibus” spending bills under Republican leadership and that the GOP needs to return to a more traditional approach of passing individual bills so Congress will have a chance to read them.

At a press conference in Florida, McCarthy said “we’re not taking up an omnibus” as a matter of principle, and that the House must “get back to doing the work that the American people expect us to do.”

McCarthy’s vow was inspired by the passing of a $1.7 trillion spending bill introduced by Democratic leaders at the end of last year, who rushed it through the House and the Senate days before Republicans took control of the House majority, and which combined all 12 annual spending bills into a single giant bill that exceed 4,000 pages.

Many Republicans were outraged by the tactic and several lawmakers complained about having no time to read or amend the bill. They also complained about rules set by Nancy Pelosi, who was House Speaker at the time, which allowed lawmakers to vote on the bill remotely without having to be present on the House floor.

GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, who also criticized the Republican senators who voted for the bill, said the Democrats were “destroying” the country by spending “money we don’t have.” A lot of Republicans agree, arguing that the spending bills approved by Democrat lawmakers and signed by President Joe Biden have increased inflation rates by requiring the federal government to borrow trillions of dollars.

Roy also said last December following the passage of the “omnibus” bill that the American people are watching a “complete sham” and a “fraud being perpetrated [on them] right before their eyes.”

A few days after the bill passed, the GOP took control of the House. McCarthy is vowing that future bills will be deliberated in committee by both the House and the Senate before being passed by Congress.

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