Gutfeld of Fox News Refers to Lori Lightfoot as “the Worst Mayor in America”

( – On a recent episode of “The Five” on Fox News, Greg Gutfeld slammed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, weighing in as the co-hosts reacted to a new campaign ad about her approach to crime in the city. Gutfeld stated Lightfoot is “fighting for power” rather than against crime, going as far as to say she is “the first mayor to be under the thumb of cartels” and “the worst mayor in America” as well as the “worst mayor Chicago had ever had.”

Crime has been an ongoing problem in Chicago, increasing in severity, especially post-George Floyd. “The Five” co-host Geraldo Rivera also weighed in on this issue, pointing out that the city has seen “over 700 murders and led the nation by far in murders” in 2022.

Lightfoot also faced criticism after her reelection campaign emailed a bunch of Chicago Public Schools teachers attempting to recruit student volunteers for an externship in exchange for class credit. In a news conference on Thursday, she claimed to be unaware of the proposal until the media reached out to her on Wednesday asking questions about the mass email, which was sent out on Tuesday by her deputy campaign manager, Megan Crane. Lightfoot apologized and said it was wrong, and that she would “cease contact with CPS employees.”

The week prior, struggling Woodlawn residents protested the mayor, feeling neglected by the city in favor of a project to house migrants in a closed-down elementary school rather than providing housing for locals. Even some of the mayor’s friends aren’t happy with her. Ald. Derrick Curtis accidentally shot himself in the wrist while cleaning a malfunctioning gun for a friend. After undergoing surgery, he expressed disappointment with Lightfoot for failing to reach out to him. Curtis, who proclaimed himself Lightfoot’s No. 1 cheerleader, said the mayor “never called when I shot myself” and that he would never treat his friends that way.

During his short rant on “The Five,” Gutfeld also criticized Democrats in general for refusing to “call her out on her record,” saying that Republicans at least try and deal with their “problem children.” Gutfeld went on to say it’s because they’re “cowards” and that Lightfoot is “protected by her diversity shield” as a black lesbian left-wing politician.

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