Congressman Says He SECRETLY MET Jeffrey Epstein!

( – New York Rep. George Santos is back in the headlines, and this time it’s related to deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein. A 2020 podcast interview with Santos has resurfaced in which the Congressman alleges that he met Epstein and that he believes Epstein was murdered.

In August 2020, on the political podcast called The Rory Sauter Show, Santos claimed that he met Epstein “at a couple [of] private equity conferences.” He said that although he “never dealt with him personally” he’s met him and “seen him.”

Santos went on to comment on Epstein’s height, stating that Epstein was taller than him and that this is one of the reasons he doesn’t believe Epstein hung himself from his bunk bed. “I can’t hang myself off a bunkbed,” Santos said, “because human instinct kicks in and the first thing you do is stand up.”

The Congressman also spoke about Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted for the role she played in Epstein’s crimes. “I’m not a conspiracy theorist here,” Santos said, “but I know she holds the key to a lot of careers being obliterated… from politicians to businessmen and other influential people.” He also said it wasn’t safe to hold her in custody in the United States at the time.

Santos claimed the entire Epstein story was “skewed,” and that the financier “didn’t hang himself” but was murdered. Although Santos said he believes Epstein really is dead, he also entertained the idea that Epstein somehow faked his death and might still be walking around somewhere.

The future of Santos in Congress is shaky, and an upcoming House Ethics probe into alleged violations for misuse of campaign funds will determine his fate. Scandal seems to follow Santos around – everything from lying on his resume (which he admitted to) and lying about having Jewish heritage to recent accusations of dressing in drag and conning a veteran out of donation money raised to save his dying dog.

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