X-Rated Content For KIDS!? This Has Gone FAR ENOUGH!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Canada seems to have gone further off the deep end with transgenderism and gender ideology than the United States. Aside from their generally looser legislation around bathrooms and sports, now there are so-called artists exposing themselves during performances with children in the audience.

A video that began circulating online on Sunday which captured a performance at an art exhibition in Canada titled “Love Me Gender.” In the video, a man covered in transparent plastic wrap and wearing high heels is giving a speech while two assistants begin cutting off the wrappings. Finally, the performer is stripped down to a loincloth, which is then cut off to expose the man’s genitals to the audience, which included young children accompanying their parents.

Although the website for the exhibit featured a “warning” that the show would contain “explicit anatomical elements and partial nudity,” it did not specify the performer would go fully nude. The page also recommended that if children did attend, they “be accompanied by adults to guide them” through the experience as well as “start a dialogue on gender diversity.”

None of the parents present during the performance seemed upset by it, but when the video emerged online many others who saw it found it inappropriate for children to be there.

Conservatives across Canada and the United States have been resisting the imposition of LGBTQ-related events onto all age groups, arguing that the ideology is attempting to blur necessary boundaries between children and adults that should remain intact. Meanwhile, Democrats in America are using drag queens as mascots to encourage voters to push back against Republicans who are introducing legislation to keep those boundaries in place.

Conservatives are not only concerned about protecting children but also about protecting women in their private spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms, as well as from having to compete against males in their sports competitions.

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