‘World Less Safe Since Biden Became President’

(ConservativeSense.com) – Republican Rep. Jim Banks said the United States is weaker on the global stage and the world is less safe thanks to four years of President Biden. Speaking to Newsmax, Rep. Banks of Indiana said wars and conflicts around the globe show how security has declined under Biden and added that the “world was safer every single day that Donald Trump was in the office.”

Banks is campaigning to end “wokeness” in the Pentagon and accuses it of partnering with left-wing groups to exclude conservatives from its recruitment campaigns. He wrote to every agency that runs military recruitment ads to ask if they work with such organizations, citing Newsguard as an example.

Newsguard is a browser extension that rates the “credibility” of news sources, which it says intends to reduce “misinformation” online. Some conservatives, however, claim it favors liberal viewpoints.

In 2022, Republicans demanded an explanation when the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) partnered with Newsguard for an anti “misinformation” campaign aimed at American children. House Education Committee ranking member Virginia Foxx of North Carolina said that the AFT had long demonstrated that it prioritizes politics over education, and Newsguard “does not have the judgment necessary” to impart truth over fiction.

Frederick Hess, Senior Fellow and Director of the American Enterprise Institute, says the American Federation of Teachers is so far left that even the Democrats shy away. In recent years, its national conference has passed motions condemning Donald Trump as a “despot,” advocating tax increases as high as 80%, cutting defense spending by 10%, and banning for-profit hospitals.

Last October, following the terror attack on Israel, the AFT partnered with the Democratic Socialists of America to protest against any Israeli retaliation. An October 11 resolution called for “open dialogue and respect for differing perspectives while emphasizing the importance of peaceful negotiations.”

Months earlier, in July, the union said that teachers must bring more climate change rhetoric, LGBTQIA ideology, and racial equity into America’s classrooms.

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