Witness Comes Forward – Did He Really See What He Says?

(ConservativeSense.com) – A family in Las Vegas is claiming they saw an “alien creature” in their backyard following a nearby UFO crash report.

According to a witness who shared his testimony in a video on YouTube, he encountered an “alien creature” that was “tall” and “skinny” and appeared to be a “gray-greenish color.” The witness described hearing and seeing something fall from the sky followed by a being standing between eight and ten feet high, which he claimed he spotted trying to conceal itself behind a forklift on the family’s property. The incident happened while he and his brother were working on a truck in the backyard.

The unnamed witness said he looked into the creature’s eyes and that his body froze “like having sleep paralysis.” He described the being as having a “weird-looking face,” large feet, “big shiny eyes” and a “big mouth.” He also said he heard it breathing loudly and could see its stomach moving.

After a few seconds of staring at him, the witness said he was eventually able to move again. Once able to move, the witness ran back into the house and called 911 shortly after midnight on May 1, reporting to the dispatcher that he saw two large creatures in his backyard that were “not human” and swore he was not joking.

That same night, just ten minutes before midnight, a Las Vegas officer’s bodycam captured a green light falling from the sky, which was witnessed by multiple people in Nevada and surrounding states.

The officer who responded to the family’s call took their story seriously because his partner also saw the same glowing object fall from the sky that they described before encountering the strange beings.

UFOs and aliens have become a hot topic in the headlines recently, especially after a former intelligence official came forward claiming the government has secret programs set up for the recovery and reverse engineering of exotic vehicles of non-human intelligence. The Pentagon, who cleared the whistleblower to share his story, claimed they could not substantiate his claims.

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