Wildfire CRISIS – Biden’s Silence Speaks VOLUMES

(ConservativeSense.com) – President Biden was relaxing on a beach as the worst fires in America for a century were reaping destruction on Maui. Social media users posted photos of the President, with one from Citizen Free Press saying, “Lahaina is burnt to a crisp and Biden is at the beach.” When the President was leaving the seaside, reporters caught up with him and asked for his view on the unfolding disaster. He said, “No comment,” before departing.

Almost 100 people have been killed in wildfires in Hawaii since mid-August. Powerful blazes nearly decimated the town of Lahaina on August 8 and 9. Residents were forced to flee on foot as they received no alerts from the state’s emergency warning systems and had little time to prepare. The town is home to 9,000 people, hundreds of whom remain unaccounted for.

Governor Josh Green said the inferno is the worst natural disaster Hawaii has ever faced. “Our focus now is to reunite people when we can, get them housing, get them health care, and then turn to rebuilding,” Governor Green said.

The flames moved quickly through the island of Maui due to a nearby hurricane. Fire evacuation centers were opened as thousands of tourists attempted to flee. The exact source of the blaze is not known, but it is believed to have started among dry vegetation in uninhabited areas and stretched across Maui, hitting residential areas and being driven by unusual 60 mph winds. The high winds knocked down power lines, contributing to the flames’ passage.

The New York Post reported on August 11 that neither Biden nor Vice President Harris intended to visit the Hawaiian island to offer support. The federal government has provided food and water to those who have been displaced, and Vice President Harris said, “We are coordinating federal resources to swiftly get there to support the work in terms of recovery, but to just support the folks on the ground. It is tragic.”

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