White House Says BIDEN Cares Most About This!

(ConservativeSense.com) – The White House has said it is extremely important to President Biden to stand with Ukraine.    White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said the President’s trip to the Ukrainian capital was difficult to coordinate and it is unprecedented for a sitting President to visit a war zone without American troops on the ground. Biden paid a surprise visit to Ukraine on February 20th and immediately drew criticism from conservatives for abandoning America and paying more attention to foreign countries than his own.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said the trip was “insulting” and criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for not wearing a tie as he greets the President. Zelensky is noted for his casual dress and usually wears a t-shirt or sweater. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) said on Twitter it is “breathtaking” that Biden is so concerned about Ukraine’s borders while allowing chaos to erupt at the southern border of the United States. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the President was neglecting the problems accumulating in the US. 

Biden delivered a speech in Kyiv that made clear America’s long-term commitment to aid Ukraine’s war against Russia. He declared that the war is a battle for democracy, and praised Ukrainian strength in withstanding almost a year of the Russian war machine. He also promised more money and military hardware but did not say he would provide the F-16 fighter jets that Ukraine has requested. Several European countries have committed to providing weapons to Kyiv, but none, including Germany, will provide the jets Zelensky is asking for. Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged the British government to buck the trend and respond to Zelensky’s requests. 

During his speech, President Biden also claimed that Russia is failing both militarily and economically. He said Russians are leaving the country in droves because they see no future there. Suggesting that the Kremlin wants to overthrow and subjugate Ukraine, Biden said, “Putin’s war of conquest is failing.”

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