Walmart Is Quietly Recording These Purchases!

( – Walmart admits it is filming the sale of guns in its stores. On its website’s “Responsible Firearm Sales” page, the retail giant says it decided in 2018 to raise the minimum age for firearm sales to 21. In 2019, it stopped selling ammunition for large-capacity magazines. The store also imposes background checks while acknowledging that the law does not require these. Significantly, it states, “We also videotape the point of sale for firearms and only allow certain trained associates to sell firearms.” 

In response to the revelation, a former member of the Florida Senate said, “Storing footage of lawful firearms purchases is an affront to the Second Amendment and could help the Biden Administration build a gun registry.” 

Walmart, headed by CEO Doug McMillon, boasts that it has written to the White House and Congress asking for “common sense measures” on gun control. Furthermore, in 2019, it banned people from carrying openly in its stores, including in open-carry states. 

At the time, Joe Biden praised the move saying it was a step in the right direction by Walmart and other retailers should follow suit. 

In related news, Washington state has become the latest to ban assault weapons, despite polls showing nationwide disapproval. The legislation prohibits manufacturing, distributing, and selling more than 50 weapons, including AR-15 rifles. Democratic Governor Jay Inslee praised that law and said, “Inaction against gun violence is unacceptable.”

Polls show, however, that most Americans disagree with Mr. Inslee. In March, Monmouth University conducted a survey that revealed that 49% of Americans do not approve of an assault weapons ban, compared with 46% who do. Respondents were also asked if the President should have the power to order compulsory background checks by executive order – 64% said no. When asked if private sales should include background checks, 81% said they should. 

Support for a nationwide assault weapons ban has fallen. In June last year, a similar poll found that 55% were in favor.  

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