Walls Apart – Texas Rep. Falls for Biden’s Border Blunders

(ConservativeSense.com) – Republican Texas Rep. Pat Fallon slammed President Joe Biden and his administration’s policies at the southern border and said abandoning Trump-era policies was a big mistake.

Fallon appeared on Newsmax’s “National Report” on Tuesday and said that “as soon as” President Joe Biden took office, “policies that were working” during the administration of former President Donald Trump were rolled back, such as “migrant protection protocols” that made it mandatory for migrants to wait in Mexico (rather than in the U.S.) while their asylum cases are being adjudicated.” He also mentioned Trump’s notorious wall, the building of which was halted.

By stopping the wall’s construction, Fallon said Biden “burned billions of dollars” spent on it, which he said “makes absolutely no sense.” Fallon called Biden’s actions “complete madness” and said it’s cost his state $10 billion, which the Lone Star State is “looking to get reimbursed” for “from the federal government.”

Fallon also praised other red states that are sending their own National Guard troops to help Texas secure the border. He said Texas will “take as much support” as possible considering Biden “has made every state a border state” over the last two years. He also slammed the cartels who are profiting off of the border situation, pointing out that they “charge upwards of $4,000” a person to smuggle them into the US illegally and that “people die crossing the border.”

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made the same point recently, stating that the cartels have woven together “drugs, immigration, and human trafficking… into a multibillion-dollar business.” Taking another contrary position to the majority of his party, Kennedy said the reason to strengthen the border has nothing to do with “xenophobia, bigotry, or hate,” but having a “humanitarian conscience.”

Perhaps more than anyone else, the people harmed the most by open border policies are the migrants used as commodities by criminals. Fallon mentioned that “30% of women” who make the journey are assaulted or raped, and a “devastating report” he read estimates perhaps “60% of unaccompanied minors are being exploited” by these criminals.

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