Voters Make ARCHAIC Choice On Abortion – Truly Barbaric!

MT Voters Reject Medical Care For Infants That Are Born Alive

MT Voters Reject Medical Care for Infants That Are Born Alive

( – The privacy afforded medical decisions between patients and their doctors is almost as sacred as the confessions between parishioners and clergy. While most Americans highly value that right to privacy, factions have waged a long-running battle over when authorities must step in to safeguard life. Yet, Montana voters rejected the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act on November 8.

Montana constitutionally protects the right to abortion as a private medical choice. The proposed measure stipulated any child born alive prematurely or as a result of an abortion is a legal person, obligating medical personnel to perform life-saving and preserving actions as medically appropriate and reasonable. The penalty for failing to do so would have been up to $50,000 in fines and up to 20 years in prison.

Medical professionals and opponents argued that, as written, the law could subject infants with incurable medical conditions to painful, pointless procedures and deprive them and their parents of critical moments of remaining life together. Healthcare providers said it would have criminalized the provision of compassionate care to dying infants.

Supporters insisted passage of the proposal would prevent the killing of infants outside the womb in cases of a failed abortion, an act defined as murder and is already illegal. Still, supporters believe the life-saving protections would make a difference. SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser told FOX News, “If Montana voters knew the truth about what the initiative would actually do, it would have passed overwhelmingly.” She insisted better messaging was the answer.

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