Vandalized Jewish-Owned Store Reopens Amidst Police Probe into Possible Hate Crime

( – A San Francisco ice cream shop owned by a Jewish woman, which was vandalized last month with pro-Palestinian graffiti, has now reopened its doors for business.

In an announcement posted on the company website, the owner of Smitten Ice Cream, Robyn Sue Fisher, wrote that the store officially reopened “on Tuesday, November 21.” She thanked her patrons “for standing by” the business “through these challenging times.”

The ice cream parlor temporarily closed its doors a month prior after unknown assailants vandalized the store on October 25 with graffiti. According to a local news report, the vandals sprayed the message “free Palestine” on the building, yet they misspelled Palestine as “Palestien.” According to the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), When officers responded to the shop’s alarm system, they discovered the storefront windows shattered and the message spray-painted on the structure.

The SFPD is still investigating the incident, and no one has yet been arrested in connection with the vandalism.

At the time of the incident, Fisher wrote that the graffiti suggested “that the shop was targeted” because she is Jewish and that it was “being investigated as a hate crime.” She also said in another post on Instagram that she and her employees have been “scared and hurt” by the targeted vandalism.

A GoFundMe for the business managed to raise over $100,000, which helped the ice cream parlor reopen less than a month later. In addition to the reopening announcement, Fisher announced a new flavor named “I Choose Love” to commemorate the occasion.

The attack on Fisher’s business happened less than a month after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, resulting in military counteroffensive measures from Israel and a wave of pro-Palestinian protests calling for a cease-fire.

Since the conflict escalated, there’s also been a rise in anti-Semitic incidents around the world. Last week, a Jewish teacher in New York City had to barricade herself in a locked office after students rioted throughout the building when they discovered the teacher attended a pro-Israel rally.

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