U.S. Border DISASTER – At Least 1,000 People Reported!

(ConservativeSense.com) – At least 1,000 migrants stormed across a bridge from Mexico toward El Paso, Texas, on Sunday, which was captured on video.

Following a rumor that the border was going to be totally opened, according to Norte Digital, providing fast-track asylum for migrants, a mad dash erupted as a massive crowd of migrants began to run across the bridge connecting Mexico to the U.S.

The striking footage captured and shared with Fox News shows hundreds of migrants, including children and elders, screaming, jumping enthusiastically, and running onto the Paso Del Norte bridge, calling others to join in. The bridge is one of three where measures were taken by Customs and Border Protection agents to harden security on Sunday after a warning of a potential attempt of mass entry.

When they arrived at the gates, the group of mostly Venezuelans was met by barricades and armed guards in riot gear on both sides. The migrants tried to push forward unsuccessfully, halting traffic for hours. Some tried to get over the barbed wire fencing and others begged and prayed to the guards to be allowed into the U.S.

One 18-year-old migrant cried, saying they just wanted to get in “so we can help our families.” The young woman has been trying to cross for over a month.

The commotion went on for four hours before most of the crowd dispersed by 5:30 PM back toward Mexico, and an hour later the bridge was finally reopened for traffic.

Monthly migrant encounters at the border remain at record highs over the last two years, and many are blaming the crisis on the failed policies of the Biden administration. Aside from economic stress on the country, the border problem has exacerbated other issues, such as human trafficking and drug trafficking, empowering cartels to profit more from both enterprises.

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