Unverified High Ratings – Harris Faces BACKLASH!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris was roasted on social media for saying her approval ratings are sometimes high. Linsey Davis of ABC News asked Harris how much of her dismal approval can be blamed on prejudices related to race and gender. The Vice President replied that she also has high ratings in some polls and that focusing on such surveys distracts from the accomplishments of the Biden administration.

The Republican National Committee posted the clip on its Twitter account and prompted a host of replies from people asking for proof that such high-approval polls exist. One Twitter user wrote, “Kamala, they are not talking about democratic made-up polls. They mean real polls with real people responding.”

In June, an NBC survey revealed Harris as the most unpopular Vice President in US history. Only 32% said they have a positive view of the Democrats, while 49% said the opposite. Some Democratic supporters quickly assigned at least part of the blame to racial and gender bias. Others say she has been assigned to deal with some of the nation’s most pressing problems that do not have a quick fix.

Jonathan Hanson of the University of Michigan said, “She was asked to focus on immigration as an issue, which is, of course, a very politically sensitive and difficult issue to work on.”

Some commentators state that her unpopularity, while statistically low, isn’t uncommon. Others say Harris’ inability to communicate effectively is off-putting. She has been described as a purveyor of “word salad,” and many social media commentators have said they fail to understand the point she is trying to convey.

Proud Elephant, a Twitter account with more than a quarter of a million followers, quoted the Vice President as saying, “Our focus has been on strengthening America and doing the work every day that is about seeing through what we are doing.” He then asked, “Does this woman even know what the hell she is saying at this point?”

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