University Sued For ‘Racially Discriminatory’ Scholarships

( – A university in Kentucky is facing a civil rights complaint regarding a scholarship program that is allegedly discriminating against potential students based on race, which violates the latest Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action policies for university admissions processes.

Western Kentucky University (WKU) is being sued by the Legal Insurrection Foundation’s Equal Protection Project (EPP), which filed a complaint against the school with the US Education Department’s Civil Rights Office. The EPP argues that two scholarships at WKU, one for minority athletes and another for “distinguished” minorities, are racially discriminatory because the awards “are only available to non-white students.”

The lawsuit alleges that promoting such scholarships means that WKU violated the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause as well as the Civil Rights Act under Title VI.

The EPP cites the recent decision by the Supreme Court in the case involving Harvard University, a ruling that determined getting rid of discrimination based on race “means eliminating all of it,” which includes affirmative action policies that give preferential treatment to specific races considered minorities. The Supreme Court determined that guaranteeing equal protection “cannot mean one thing” for “one individual” and then “something else” when the person is “another color.”

The EPP argues this ruling also applies to scholarships, which the non-profit says can’t grant thousands of dollars in awards based on whether someone’s skin color is considered a minority skin color. William A. Jacobson, the founder of EPP, said that the university “should know better” than to “exclude students based on race,” which he said has “always been unlawful” and that now all doubt has been “resolved by the Supreme Court.” Jacobson said the “goal of ‘diversity’” should not be “used as an excuse” for discrimination.

Trying to rectify past discrimination with a different form of discrimination seems counterproductive, and many Americans are pushing back against such policies.

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