Underworld UNVEILED – Police FOIL Human Traffickers!

(ConservativeSense.com) – The Serbian police said in a July 24 statement that they have arrested two people suspected of being part of an international crime group that smuggled Cubans toward Spain. The suspects were Serbian citizens who were arrested in the capital city of Belgrade after a monthslong investigation. The Serbian police said that Interpol, Europol, and the Spanish government collaborated in the probe.

According to different reports, 18 other suspects have been arrested in Spain because of smuggling operations. In addition to Cubans, many of the victims include people from Africa and other Latin American nations such as Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil.

In a statement, the Serbian police said that the two suspects they arrested had been accused of planning the illegal transfer of nearly 60 people to Spain and neighboring nations. These include Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia, which the Serbian Police said it has already communicated with the authorities about to participate in the investigation.

As reported by Deutsche Welle, Serbia has become the heart of one of the main land routes for migrants trying to enter the European Union (EU). Considering that the country is on the Balkan peninsula, many Serbian criminal groups have started to get involved in these types of crimes.

In April, the country revoked a visa-free travel deal it had with the communist regime of Cuba following reports that Cuban tourists were moving to EU nations after entering Serbia. Over the last few decades, many media outlets have reported cases of Cubans who won’t go back to their country once they have permission to visit another nation. This has even happened with political figures and athletes, especially in the United States and some countries in Latin America.

In addition to Cuba, the Serbian government also imposed visas on people who came from Tunisia, India, and Burundi. Belgrade took this step under pressure from the EU, which is currently making efforts to curb migration into the bloc.

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