Robert On Roids? – Herculean Strength QUESTIONED!

( – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on Newsmax on Thursday and was subtly asked by host Eric Bolling if he was using “any sort of supplement” to enhance himself after videos of the 69-year-old presidential candidate went viral showing Kennedy working out shirtless.

Last month, a couple of videos of Kennedy working out without a shirt on went viral. One showed the Democratic presidential candidate lifting weights. Another shows Kennedy doing pushups, which he posted to his own Twitter page with the caption: “Getting in shape for my debates with President Biden!”

During the Newsmax interview, Bolling mentioned the video of Kennedy “lifting some weights in Venice Beach” and complimented him. He then said that he doesn’t “mean to offend” Kennedy by asking if Kennedy is “just working out” or if there are “any sort of supplements… going on there?” Bolling seemed to imply the use of steroids, commonly called “juicing.” 

Kennedy responded that he was taking “an anti-aging protocol,” which includes “testosterone replacements” that he said are “appropriate” for his age and “bio-identical to natural testosterone.” Kennedy also said he takes “a big fistful of nutrients” and generally just takes “good care” of himself, including working out every day.

He added that he wasn’t “really proud of the pushups” in the video, which Bolling pulled up on screen. Kennedy stated he received “a lot of criticism that those aren’t real pushups.” Regardless of the criticism, the contender for the Democratic nomination also received a lot of praise and compliments, and the viral videos sparked a wave of jokes and memes contrasting President Joe Biden’s health with Kennedy’s.

Although it’s still unclear how much of a chance he will have at winning the White House, Kennedy’s approval ratings have been going up consistently, and he’s been making strides in campaign donations. Whether an intentional publicity stunt or not, Kennedy’s workout videos played favorably into his image among voters.

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