Ukraine’s Front Line ‘Worse Than Hell’ as Russia Advances

( – Ukraine’s front line is becoming increasingly fraught as soldiers describe themselves as living in hell. Inside reports indicate that troops get little sleep as they dig trenches on one side of a minefield separating Russian and Ukrainian fighters. Ukraine’s military leaders say the situation is deteriorating, and morale is low as soldiers are exhausted amid troop shortages and months-long front-line deployments.

Infantry soldiers complain of ammunition depletion, which is expected to worsen as Russian forces push toward the strategically crucial city of Kharkiv, just miles from the Russian border. While Congress has approved a $60 billion aid package, much of this has yet to reach front-line troops. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called for munitions deliveries to accelerate, and reports indicate that he and military leaders are fearful of a Donald Trump Presidency and the impact this could have on further US aid.

Last year, Mr. Zelenskyy said a Trump victory could spell disaster for Ukraine’s war efforts. In January, he invited the former President to visit him in Kyiv, but Trump declined. The invite came after Mr. Trump insisted he would end the war within 24 hours if re-elected. “If you can stop the war within 24 hours, I think it will be enough to come to Kyiv,” he said.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba stated in March that it is incredibly frustrating that his country’s war effort depends on an election his people cannot influence. He conceded, however, that President Zelenskyy is forced to play the hand he is dealt, and it will be up to him to persuade Donald Trump to ensure continued American support.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet with G7 allies in Italy in June to help formulate a plan to transfer as much money as possible to Ukraine before the US elections in November. Under the plan, Ukraine would receive around $50 billion, financially backed up by seized and immobilized Russian assets. Proponents see the funding as insurance against a Trump victory.

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