Ukraine War Sparks CONTROVERSIAL Debate

( – Activist, professor, author, and presidential candidate Cornel West was lectured by Anderson Cooper on a recent CNN appearance after the anchor disagreed with his position on the war in Ukraine and America’s role in the conflict.

The West claims that the war between Russia and Ukraine was partly egged on by American aggression through NATO, describing the conflict as a “proxy war” between Russia and the U.S.

Cooper responded to West that he “just spoke to” the Ukrainian foreign minister and that if West told the minister he was standing in solidarity with the Ukrainian people while also “saying that they are just victims” of a proxy war, the minister would tell West he’s out of his mind. Cooper also told West that the Ukrainian people are “thankful for NATO” and the U.S. and that “all these countries” are “rallying to their side.”

West, who is politically left-wing, has drawn criticism from his own side for criticizing NATO and accusing the U.S. of risking the breakout of World War III by using the alliance of nations to expand their influence along the Russian border. He posted on Twitter that NATO is an “instrument” to expand global power for America and accused them of provoking Russia “into a criminal invasion and occupation.” Although West agreed with the CNN anchor on the criminal nature of the invasion of Ukraine, he wants to see a cease-fire between the two nations.

Cooper replied that Russian President Vladimir Putin is far too dangerous to be left unchecked and that he will “slaughter people” if the U.S. stays out of the conflict. West fired back that this is exactly what America “did in Iraq” and that it should be pointed out when any nation does wrong.

“I respect you,” Cooper replied, but said that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate to compare what Russia did to the Iraq war, to which West responded that “half a million Iraqis” were killed in the conflict.

West admitted to Cooper that while it is true Ukrainians are being killed by Russia, in order to properly understand the war, it must be looked at in the context of the expansion of NATO, which he called “an arm of the American global power network.”

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