Ukraine SAFER Than This Democrat City?

( – A young refugee from war-torn Ukraine has said she longs to return home because San Francisco is too dangerous.

The 13-year-old named Yana arrived in the Californian city with her mother in March last year and soon began attending the Marina Middle School, where she was shocked by the behavior of fellow pupils. Yana saw students interrupt class, jump on desks and swear at teachers, and all without disciplinary consequence.

She said her cell phone was stolen and she was threatened. “After one week, I understood that was normal,” she added.

Poor behavior among pupils is a rapidly growing problem according to teachers. A survey last year revealed that violence in schools has more than doubled since the pandemic began in 2020. In San Francisco’s Marina Middle School, almost one-third of the staff resigned in the space of a single year.

It is one of many of the city’s schools to experience an atmosphere incompatible with learning. In 2020, Aptos Middle School was the scene of a coup by pupils who, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, took control of the school from the adults. 

The in-school misbehavior may simply be following the decay in law and order in the Bay Area in general. San Francisco has been under the rule of the Democrats since the flower power era of the 1960s.

Today it is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the United States. The Hoover Institution claims that it is more dangerous than a staggering 98% of US cities. A large part of this is driven by liberal approaches to drug use and there are more addicts in the city than school pupils. Video footage recorded by a former addict last summer showed young children navigating their way through open-air drug dens on their way home from school.

Ricci Wynne said on Twitter that the main artery of the city had been hijacked by addicts and was now “pure filth.”

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