Ukraine President Makes Announcement – It’s Heartbreaking!

( – According to a report, Russia has been labeled a terrorist state by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after a series of S-300 missile assaults on Zaporizhzhia that caused the demise of a child.

Zelensky stated that Russians shelled Zaporizhzhia, and a residence was the target of the attack. There was a family of three people inside. Iryna, a ten-year-old girl, sadly passed away. He gave his sincere sympathies for the loss her parents suffered.

The report shows the Russian military has spent months attempting to take Bakhmut city in Donbas ahead of Kyiv’s expected offensive. One Putin loyalist warned that Ukrainian soldiers reaching Russian-occupied Crimea might lead to nuclear war.

Russia’s President Putin told Russia’s state media that he would place strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus, although he did not say when.

Defense Priorities’ Grand Strategy Program Director Rajan Menon told the media that he saw no signs of a conclusion to Russia’s assault against Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine still feel they can win the conflict, and neither side will stop.

According to Asia Times, the Russian strategy of slowly starving the Ukrainians out of Bakhmut appeared to succeed at the beginning of March. So, the besieged city, which according to Ukrainian authorities, has been devastated after months of warfare, is a necessary withdrawal point for Ukrainian troops.

Bakhmut is irrelevant to both sides. But the location of the eastern Ukrainian settlement on the route to the Dnieper River is crucial. The Dnieper is Ukraine’s economic and transportation lifeblood.

Within Ukraine, it is also a geostrategic bottleneck. Ukrainian and Russian forces have been at war for months over the islands in the Dnieper River. 

The report reveals that Ukrainians have not been successful in evicting the Russian troops stationed there. If Bakhmut is controlled by Russia, as it seems to be happening, with the Ukrainians being driven farther to the east, the fate of the Dnieper should be the primary worry for the West.

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