U.S.’s Controversial “SALE” Just Put China On High Alert!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized China’s recent peace plan proposal for the war in Ukraine, saying that “China can’t have it both ways” by calling for peace on the one hand “while actually feeding the flames of the fire that Russia has started with the other hand.”

Mao Ning, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, called Blinken’s remarks hypocritical as the U.S. continues to fund the Ukrainian military forces and “fanning up the flames and spreading disinformation,” which Mao says they are “firmly against.” She also accused the U.S. of “pushing the envelope” with their involvement in Taiwan, claiming to respect “territorial sovereignty” while “walking on the edge” by “selling sophisticated weapons to China’s Taiwan region.”

Taiwan, or the Republic of China, declared itself long ago as independent from the People’s Republic of China by continuing a pre-revolutionary government. The People’s Republic of China still claims Taiwan and the Taiwan Strait as their sovereign territory, seeking to isolate it from foreign governments.

Although the U.S. has no official relations with Taiwan, they’ve continued to engage with the island nation, recently approving the deployment of 100-200 U.S. troops to train there, as well as sending a delegation of lawmakers to meet with Taiwanese businesspeople and President Tsai Ing-wen.

There was also a recent incident of a U.S. aircraft flying through the Taiwan Strait that elicited a heightened response from China which said the incident “endangered peace stability” in the region.

Mao told the U.S. “to reflect on itself, stop sowing confusion, stop trying to mislead the world and stop making presumptions about others” based on their own behavior. She also called on the U.S. “to step up to its responsibility, help de-escalate tensions and promote dialogue” rather than pointing fingers and “discrediting other countries.”

Despite their close business relationships, tensions between the two nations have been increasingly on the rocks, especially since the war in Ukraine began.

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