U.S. Military DELETIONS Reported – What Is Happening?

(ConservativeSense.com) – The war in Ukraine is putting intense pressure on ammunition stocks in the US military. The Scranton Army Ammunition Plant is struggling to produce the munitions needed for the Ukrainian defense. The American stockpile of 155 mm shells has also been drained. The US government has so far given $35 million in weapons and military equipment to the Eastern European nation.

In response to the alarming depletion, the Army will now spend billions of dollars on new munitions plants across the country. 

On April 19th, the Biden administration issued a statement saying it intends to utilize the Presidential Drawdown Authority to increase its military assistance. This allows the government to give away existing American munitions. “It allows for the speedy delivery of defense articles and services from Department of Defense stocks to foreign countries and international organizations to respond to unforeseen emergencies. Such assistance can begin arriving within days—or even hours—of approval,” the statement reads.

In January, it was revealed that US stockpiles overseas were already running low. Deputy Defense Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters that the Pentagon had taken weapons from its stocks in Israel and South Korea to meet with Ukrainian demands – particularly its demand for 155 mm shells. The country is firing between 6,000 and 8,000 of these shells every day. Therefore, just two days of shelling amounts to a month’s pre-war production capacity.

American support for the war in Ukraine has reduced in recent months. Last May, 60% of Americans supported sending weapons and money to support the war effort against Russia, but this dropped to 48% in February 2023. A poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 38% of US citizens opposed sending more cash to Ukraine, with only 37% in support. The survey furthermore revealed that only 19% have confidence in the Biden administration’s ability to “handle the situation” in Ukraine. A far greater number – 43% – has no confidence.

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