U.S. Considers Missile Launch Alert System in Talks with China

(ConservativeSense.com) – The Biden administration is considering sharing missile launch notifications with China as part of a broader deal. A State Department representative told a Nikkei Asia reporter from Japan that the government hopes to carry out arms control talks with the communist regime in the New Year, and launch notification will be one of the topics on the table.

“The reason launch notification is so important is because we would have a reciprocal obligation to clarify what we’re doing,” the official said, adding that any agreement would be based upon the existing arrangement between the United States and Russia, known as the Ballistic Missile Launch Notification Agreement.

The agreement between America and Russia, signed in 1988, is a bilateral deal that obliges Washington and Moscow to give twenty-four hours advance notice before launching a strategic ballistic missile. The two countries must provide information on the planned date, launch area, and area of impact. The arrangement was agreed upon as part of efforts to prevent a nuclear war resulting from “misinterpretation, miscalculation, or accident.”

Chad Sbragia, from the Institute for Defense Analyses, said China now has the confidence to sit down with the United States due to the growth of its “overall, comprehensive, national power” and general military capacity. Sbragia added that the two nations are now near-equal in capability, so China does not feel it is bargaining from a weaker position.

The potential for a new agreement between the powers comes as the two countries grapple with a tense and fraught relationship and try to improve diplomacy. President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping met in California recently and discussed a number of topics, including Fentanyl and the re-establishment of military communications.

Xi reportedly told Biden that there is enough room in the world for both China and the US to succeed, while Biden reiterated his previous position that the rivalry between the two superpowers must not spill over into conflict.

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